Psychoanalysis, Supervision, Professional Development



Sarah practices Lacanian psychoanalysis, which often involves patients’ free association, the transference and use of the couch.

Treatments begin with an assessment of current issues and the patient’s history.

With free association, patients are asked to say whatever comes to mind, without monitoring what they say.

The patient’s transference or relationship to the practitioner is an essential vehicle for psychoanalysis.

When the couch is used, Sarah sits behind the couch. This provides a freedom from the distraction of the visual field and a focus on speech.

Undertaking psychoanalysis is an option for people who are concerned to encounter the critical forces and desires at play in their ways of living.

Couple Therapy

Explore new ways of:


Groups are run at different times and at various locations. The schedule and location will be communicated here.

Clinical supervision

Sarah Jones has been providing supervision for psychoanalytically oriented practitioners since 2008.

Between 2009 and 2014 Sarah was the group supervisor for the clinical work of the Community Programs practitioners in Perth.

Sarah’s responses to clinical issues include a psychoanalytic listening, and attention to the experiential aspects of the treatment for the patient and for the practitioner.

Guidance is provided on professional, ethical, legal and duty of care factors.

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